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The aim of this study was to delineate the institutional mapping of innovation in the rail transportation industry in the country. Accordingly centered concept of national innovation system in the form of six dimensions of Economic Cooperation and Development Organization Approach, we identify effective institutions in any sector and institutional mapping outline was drawn railway industry. In order to draw a map of institutional while taking advantage of expert opinions, six major steps in this article were evaluated, including identification of existing organizations in the field of rail transportation, understanding the relationships among competitors between institutions in the industry, rail transportation, providing institutional matrix-function for the status quo industry, providing a blueprint for mapping institutional status quo for the industry, providing consultation on mapping and mapping outline the institutional sphere of railway transport.
mehdi elyasi - mehdi mohammadi - hossein mirzaei - atiyeh safardoust
Keywords : national innovation system ، institutional mapping, ، rail transportation industry
The markets for mobile operators are changing rapidly and increasingly competitive, and for quick and effective responses to changing customer needs in these markets, in order to remain at high levels of competition, operators are continually looking for ways to Overcoming rivals. Utilizing the valuable opportunity of Internet technology to create competitive advantage by the first-time companion as the largest mobile phone operator in the Middle East is one of the key issues affecting customer satisfaction and preservation, and ultimately gaining market share in the current competitive market. In this research, using the TAM technology acceptance model and adding three factors of technology, social context and individual characteristics, and creating a model for accepting Internet technology, the objects of existing hypotheses were studied. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting the adoption of Internet technology of objects. For this purpose, 384 data from the first company customers were collected through a questionnaire. The data of this research have been analyzed using Smart PLS software and Structural Equation Method. According to the results obtained in this research, factors affecting the acceptance of Internet technology of objects among first-time subscribers, perceived usefulness, effects Social, pleasure and behavioral control. Meanwhile, behavioral control variable is felt and social impact has the greatest impact on adoption of this technology.
mohammad Kargar sharif abad - mohsen gerami - ahmadali yazdanpanah
Keywords : Technology of the Internet of things ، Technology acceptance models ، Acceptance of the Internet technology of things ، Structural equations ، ، ،
Supply chain network design includes key decisions that have a major impact on the supply chain operational structure. Efficient supply chain design improves performance in organizations. This has led to the emergence of new concepts in the supply chain issue in the past decade. . In this study, the supply chain network design problem in agile organizations has been taken into account with multi-level and multi-period. This problem is considered under conditions of having multiple customers with a high demand volume. The decisions include the selection of companies at each level, the amount of production, storage and transportation of each company. The problem has been modeled to integrate all decision variables with the goal of minimizing overall operating costs across the entire supply chain and Satisfaction of customers' complete demand and Satisfaction with them. Since multi-level multi-level supply chain multi-level supply chain design problem solving is one of the NP-Hard issues in uncertainty conditions, it is better to use innovative and meta-algorithms to reduce problem solving time. For this reason, the algorithm for banning search algorithms, which is one of the meta-algorithms, has been used to solve the model. The results of this research show that as the number of problem-solving repetitions increases, answers with less than 3% of the difference between the optimal answer are achieved. The search algorithm is forbidden to get the optimal response compared to the Lagrange algorithm.
elahe salari - mohammadreza shahraki - abdollah sharifi
Keywords : Supply Chain Network Design ، Multi-level ، meta-heuristic ، Tabu Search Algorithm ، Strategic Oscillation
In a Competitive Market, Understanding Customer Demand and Effective Advertising is one of the most Important Factors in Survival. Extend the Internet and virtual networks have provided a great opportunity for companies to advertise, and thus studying electronic marketing methods and models is of great importance. One of the newest marketing methods is viral marketing that is based on mouth-to-mouth advertising and has a lot of power. Viral marketing relies on the principle that on any social network, a number of users have high power and influence on others, and by identifying them and creating good advertising messages, They can be used to effectively marketing. Therefore, The identification of important users is considered to be the most important activity in viral marketing. In this regard, various studies have been conducted to identify users using a variety of graph-based and publish-based methods. In this research, the capabilities of both methods have been used and by Using a semi-localized centrality criterion based on graph-based methods and Markov clustering model based on propagation methods, a new hybrid model for user clustering and identification of key users presented. The results show higher correlation between the proposed method and the SIR standard and, therefore, its higher efficiency than other methods used in the research.
fereydoun ohadi - mehrnoosh mohammadi - Mohammad Jafar Tarokh
Keywords : Viral Marketing ، Centrality ، Graph ، Social Network ، Clustering
With the advent of growing knowledge of the economy and the rapid growth of technology, intellectual property has become the focus of attention of corporate investment managers and corporate researchers. Perhaps patent are considered to be the most important intellectual asset, and one of the reasons for this is the extensive research that has been done on the various dimensions of these rights. The patent provides the possessor with the possibility to use the technology exclusively for a limited period (often twenty years). Since many industrial and service companies need to acquire new technologies by the purchase of patent rights to maintain their competitive advantage and sustained business growth, the issue of patent assessment has become a serious challenge in the field of technology. In this research, a model for evaluating and ranking patents based on multi-criteria programming methods is presented and then the resulting model is implemented in a cell phone company. The company is required to choose a technology from four technologies: (1) a dual display, (2) missing phone tracking, (3) wireless communications security, and (4) remote banking to develop its products. The implementation of the model is based on four main criteria: (1) the essence of technology, (2) the cost of technology, (3) the product market, and (4) the technology market in the company led to the choice of wireless security technology. Also the accuracy of the result obtained from the implementation of the research model has been confirmed by the method of ELECTRE.
- Marayam Ashrafi
Keywords : Technology management ، Technology prioritization ، Patent Valuation ، Analytic hierarchy process ، Multi-objective programming ، ELECTRE method

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