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Today, productivity and performance enhancement in all countries of the world is an important issue facing any organization. Striving to improve performance and productivity is an effort to improve the lives of people in the community, so the world is divided into two fast-paced countries in terms of progress in productivity management. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of five-dimensional information management systems on the efficiency of companies in the field of electricity industry. Statistical population includes all managers and experts in electricity company somehow related to information management systems. Therefore, productivity questionnaires and information management systems were distributed among 4-4 ​​persons. After completing the questionnaires, the data were analyzed by SPSS software and the results were analyzed at both descriptive and inferential levels. The results showed that the more productivity of information management systems was used, the higher the correlation through Pearson correlation coefficient. Also among the dimensions of information management systems respectively increase the accuracy of data exchange, increase the speed of processing and control, increase the speed of storage and retrieval of information, reduce organizational costs, maintain information and data security a significant contribution in predicting employee productivity. They had electricity companies. Overall, the results of this study indicate the importance of attention to information management systems in increasing productivity.
mohammadreza zahedi - Mina Hajilo - Misam Amiriliya
Keywords : Increase, productivity, information management system, electricity, electronics
With the advent of data encryption technology and the creation of decentralized platforms, today there has been a dramatic change in the security of data storage and e-datas transmissions. These developments allow for the development of various sectors of the country's wages and economy, including the supply chain. The supply chain management sector faces challenges such as the lack of transparency in identifying the source of supply or distribution of commercial goods, the lack of exchange security and the tension in contracts concluded in this area that the implementation of the BlockChain as the most advanced decentralized platform exists. It can be a solution to the challenges. This platform, with transparency, the existence of mechanisms to prevent the occurrence or resolution of online disputes and the elimination of financial intermediaries in electronic transactions, allows for the achievement of the goals set. But its implementation in an system faces challenges such as scalability, connectivity, standardization, and some legal challenges that the solving them needs some law and executional policies.
Aliakbar Farahzadi - Mahdi Naser
Keywords : Supply Chain , BlockChain Technology, Challenges and Solutions, Policy Making
The critical success factors for any business are a limited number of areas where satisfactory results in those domains will ensure successful competitive performance for organizations. In fact, the critical success factors for each organization's bottleneck are achieving strategic interests. Key strengths and merits and weaknesses in these areas are known as bottlenecks. In this paper, a method is proposed based on the theme analysis, in which the critical factors of the cultural and artistic organization of the municipality of Tehran as well as the critical factors of the success of the regions are identified and elaborated. Then, during the design of the performance management system of the Tehran Municipality's Cultural and Artistic Organization, and as a result, the need to design key performance indicators and results, critical success factors as sources for extracting these indicators were considered by the researchers of this management system. In the results obtained, the factors influencing the implementation of innovative and effective programs, the delineation of the mission and cultural goals of the organization, the human resources system and reward system, the recognition of the cultural and artistic needs of the people of Tehran, the effectiveness of internal elements, increasing the influence of people in the city of Tehran And satisfaction of the audience as the critical success factors of the cultural-artistic organization of the municipality of Tehran were identified. Finally, for the analysis of the relationships between the critical factors, the fuzzy dematel method was used.
hadi heidari gharehbolagh - meysam ghaffari
Keywords : Key Success Factors ، ,theme Analysis ، Strategic Drivers ، Fuzzy dematel ، Key Competency ، Performance indicators
Nowadays, organizations look at supplier selection with different attitudes and use various methods to evaluate and select suppliers. Most of private, public, profit, and charity businesses as well as educational and research institutes, using the available advantages, have considered outsourcing strategy among their macro-goals at all organizational dimensions. Meanwhile, suitable supplier selection is one of the strategic keys of supply chain for the success of organizations. In terms of purpose and method, the present study is quantitative and descriptive-analytical, respectively. This study aimed to identify the most important criteria and sub-criteria in selecting suppliers and investigates ranking the criteria and sub-criteria of interest to specify which sub-criterion provides the possibility for more improvement in the defined main criteria. For this purpose, supplier selection indicators were obtained investigating literature and interview with experts. Then, using a combination of multi-criteria decision-making techniques, data were tested. The results of this study showed that the main criteria that a government agency concentrates on while selecting suitable supplier for outsourcing services include service quality, flexibility, and delivery followed by the four remaining criteria according to various values that V dedicates to itself.
Mostafa Ebrahim pour Azbary - Mohsen Akbari - keramat gholami - atefeh abdollahi
Keywords : Supplier selection criteria ، Services outsourcing ، Fuzzy ، Multi-criteria decision-making techniques
Science and Technology Parks and Growth Centers, as major contributors to the economic development of the regional business enterprises, are committed to provide targeted support for entrepreneurs, improve manufacturing efficiency, and create economic growth in the community. In order to improve the impact of these supports, STPs and incubators periodically evaluate the activities of residents and, after identifying strengths and weaknesses, provide services tailored to each company's individual needs. However, it is worthy to ask, what indicators should the evaluation system include that can reflect a true and more comprehensive picture of the company's condition with presenting the company's core needs to the incubator manager? Therefore, in this research some general models of performance evaluation have been reviewed, and as the benefits of BSC model, especially its compatibility to manufacturing SMEs, this system has been used for the principle of the current study. Then, based on 17 years’ experience of Khorasan Science and Technology Park in unlocking the region's manufacturing potential, and the opinions of experts in other incubators in the country and around the world, 104 critical indicators have been identified in evaluating the manufacturing SMEs. These indicators also were ranked using U Mann Whitney and Friedman statistical tests. The results showed that the "customer and market" is more important than the other three perspectives in BSC model, and "Market research" and "CEO capability and expertise" are the most important indicators and sub-indicators, respectively.
Iman Shariat - Reza Ghanbari - Seyed Mousa Siadati - Saed Sedigh
Keywords : performance evaluation ، knowledge-based Company ، SME ، incubator ، BSCs model

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